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John Rabe, Jerry Newcombe


  • Jeremiah Dys of Liberty Institute
  • Paul Rubeo
  • Gio Rubeo
  • Alan Sears
  • Jason McGuire
  • Jordan Lorence
  • Fernando Cabrera
  • Demetrios Stratis

Air Date:

July 20, 2014
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

Constitutional Special:
“We the people.” Those are the first three words of the greatest governing document ever devised by man—the Constitution of the United States. Our constitution was written to secure our God-given freedoms, freedom Americans have cherished for well over 200 years. That Constitution ultimately places the power to make the laws and policies that will govern our land in the hands of our elected representatives. This program exposes the harmful agenda that federal judges and the Supreme Court have been imposing on America.

This Week's Featured Resource
We The People
Under Attack

We The People<br>Under Attack

Each year, Americans now wait to see if the Supreme Court will continue to allow us our constitutional rights, or if the nine justices will replace them with new “rights” (like abortion and homosexual sodomy) invented from whole cloth. That is not the system our founders gave us! This powerful DVD program uncovers the truth. Learn More >