The Cross of Christ

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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe
Today’s Guest host is Dr. John B. Sorensen, President, Evangelism Explosion International


  • Dr. Gwenfair Walters Adams, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Michael Youssef, The Church of the Apostles
  • Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., Truth in Action Ministries
  • Dr. Sam Lamerson, Knox Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Paul L. Maier, Western Michigan University
  • Rev. Anthony Carter, East Point Church
  • Dr. Michael A.G. Haykin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Theodore Book

Air Date:

April 13, 2014
TCC - 10:00am EST
NRB - 9:00pm EST

What does it mean that Jesus died on the cross for our sins? What happened on that cross? And why does it matter to you? Sadly, most people don’t understand it. And even many Christians miss the fullness of joy, peace, and security God intends for us because we don’t understand the fullness of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. On today’s special Kennedy Classics, leading theologians and ministers share the incredible love of God as seen in the death of His dear Son for our salvation in this documentary presentation, The Cross of Christ, hosted by John Sorensen. May the Lord bless us you this Palm Sunday as you reflect on the passion of our Lord and Savior.

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