Truth In Action

Truth in Action exists to help you understand God, His Word, and His plan for every area of life: government, family, church, and more. Truth That Transforms TV and Radio, plus Cross Examine featuring Dr. Del Tackett, bring you biblical truth applied to all of life and culture. And our just-launched outreach, Community in Action, will help you find God’s direction to step out and act. Together, we’re advancing biblical truth and putting the truth into action!

Learn more about the legacy of Truth in Action--and why we changed our name.


Truth in Action Ministries provides purposeful education about the Gospel, what it means to see all of life from a biblical perspective and the impact that has for Christians in today’s society.

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MOTIVATING Believers to Make a Difference

By providing steadfast, culturally relevant and biblical guidance, Truth in Action equips and motivates Christians to be a catalyst in transforming the world around them.

Discover the next step in mobilizing Christians and learn ways that we can transform the culture for Christ.

GET INVOLVED ACTIVATING Christians - making Biblical Worldview actionable.

We need to activate each other to take the next step in living out, and sharing, biblical worldview throughout our lives.

“I recently received the book you sent. I sat up half the night reading it. We, as Christians, need to stand up and pray-- and pray hard! Thank you for getting the word out there!”

“Dr. Kennedy would be so proud of the ministry today. You are speaking truth and it cannot be denied.”

“Your ministry of truth on what is happening to our country is desperately needed and appreciated.”

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