Truth That Transforms
with Michael Milton, Ph.D.

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Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy, Jerry Newcombe

Air Date:

July 6, 2014
NRB - 10:00pm EST

God will often bring chastisement–the “stinging stick,” so to speak–in order to get His people to obey. When we're in Christ, He never punishes us, but He does discipline us for our own good. All around us, we see signs that God is judging our society. Could it be that He's also disciplining the church? If all professing Christians in America shared their faith, stood up for biblical truth, and lived by–and voted–their biblical values, wouldn't things be much different in our nation today? As God's people, we need to be obeying Him if we want to see cultural transformation in our nation. We need Jonahs who, instead of being reluctant, stand up and boldly proclaim to America, “thus sayeth the Lord.”

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