40 Days of Prayer Gui

40 Days To The Election Prayer Guide

Join with Truth In Action Ministries in our most powerful campaign to date: 40 Days of Prayer for the Election!

In this important election season, we want to equip men and women of faith in this country to make a difference through prayer. We have power in Christ to establish righteousness and bring restoration and healing to our communities and our beloved nation!

In appreciation for your generous gift toward this high-impact prayer campaign — and to support every facet of this ministry: our television broadcasts, Internet outreach, printed materials, and DVDs — we will thank you with our new 40 Days to the Election Prayer Guide.

You will receive our beautiful prayer guide, one page for every day of the campaign, with specific prayer and scripture, to help you join with us in intentional prayer for our country and our leaders.

And, we’d like to encourage you to help others engage in this critical election as well — you can request a 10-pack of prayer guides for a gift of just $25 or more ... and share the positive message of power through prayer with your friends, your church or your loved ones!

Your generous contribution right now will also be helping us broadcast biblical truth in this national election year, through powerful television programs we’re producing to air this fall. These programs will speak the truth about the most important issues of this election and will rally Americans to vote their biblical values.

God bless you as you strengthen your personal prayer life and impact your beloved nation in the name of Christ!


Download PDF version here