Tolerance - Backfired


by bestselling author and speaker William Federer


The faith that gave birth to tolerance is no longer tolerated!

  • Same-sex marriage gaining ground rapidly;
  • Prayer prohibited;
  • Nativity scenes banned;
  • Religious art and music censored;
  • And more!

In this brilliant book by William Federer you will discover how tolerance was transformed!

And your gift will help to inform and involve Christians in standing against this intolerance for the Truth — and issuing a call for God's people to defend our constitutional rights.

As you give generously today, you'll help us get the word out … encourage more people to stand up for faith and family in our country … call on our government to uphold the values, principles, and morality we hold dear — and also help with all our outreaches together.

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When her testimony went viral on the Internet, Sarah's parents had to shield their young daughter from the hate–filled comments and violent threats …

Stand together with Truth In Action Ministries today — asking for true tolerance in the USA and proclaiming the life– transforming Gospel, and we'll thank you by sending you a powerful, practical book …